W, Winters Bane

Winters Bane - Reflections Within

Tekst piosenki Winters Bane - Reflections Within po polsku
Cohegan is arrested for the murder of his wife
Cohegan stands in the courtroom
with his fate in the jury's hands
we the jury; find the defendant, Mr. Cohegan
Guilty of murder!
As I write these last words

W, Winters Bane

Winters Bane - Haunted House

Tekst piosenki Winters Bane - Haunted House po polsku
In a creepy old house on a stormy dale lane
There's a run down sing that says: Enter if you dares
I opened the gates and took a deep breath
and climbed down the decaying stairs
The chilling Gray fog made it hard to see
but I noticed the silvery moon
A twisted little fellow, which I thought was a man

W, Winters Bane

Winters Bane - Cleansing Mother

Tekst piosenki Winters Bane - Cleansing Mother po polsku
The ice has melted at the polar caps
as Mother Earth gives in to destiny
The warning signs already passed
cleansing all impurities
The Earth rumbles like a growling lion
ready to feast it's prey
Stars are spinning in the sky
as the night turns into day

L, Lucero

Lucero - Chico Rico

Tekst piosenki Lucero - Chico Rico po polsku
Llega con tu Rolex
Y tu coche japonés
Das las llaves ¡Aguas!
Que esta nuevo de anteayer
Saco azul marino
Y de Seda natural
Entras provocando


C, Czerwone Kościoły

Czerwone Kościoły - Moda na samobójstwa

Tekst piosenki Czerwone Kościoły - Moda na samobójstwa po polsku
Koniec wieku, schyłek sezonu
Na sto lat jest tylko raz,
Dekadenci wychodzą z domów,
Teraz właśnie nadszedł czas,
Urwane strzały, urwane słowa,
Wołania o pomoc, aż do gwiazd.
Coraz więcej będzie chętnych, by przeżyć swą śmierć jeszcze raz x3


C, Clannad

Clannad - Caidé Sin Do'n Té Sin (Gaelic)

Tekst piosenki Clannad - Caidé Sin Do'n Té Sin (Gaelic) po polsku
Chuaigh mé chun aonaigh is dhíol mé mo bhó
Ar chúig phunta airgid is ar ghiní bhuí óir
Má ólaim an t-airgead is má bhronnaim an t-ór
Ó caidé sin d'on té sin nach mbaineann sin dó
Má ólaim an t-airgead is má bhronnaim an t-ór
Ó caidé sin d'on té sin nach mbaineann sin dó
Má théim na choille chraobhaigh cruinniú sméara nó cnó


T, The Posies

The Posies - Coming Right Along

Tekst piosenki The Posies - Coming Right Along po polsku
Freed the daytime with indifference
Watch the twilight starve the sun
Shuffle home against the darkness
Turn the key and bite your tongue

And please be strong
You don't know it but you're coming right along

, ,

D, Depressive Age

Depressive Age - Way Out

Tekst piosenki Depressive Age - Way Out po polsku
I have trouble in my mind
Do not know what's wrong or right
I fall in thoughts 'bout the roots
I hate myself, I am confused

This town is dangerous every time, don't move in unknown ways to find
The way out to relief, 'cause violence amplifies the grief


D, Depressive Age

Depressive Age - Psycho Circle Game

Tekst piosenki Depressive Age - Psycho Circle Game po polsku
She cries til it's bright, til the sun is shining in the summertime
She's dry, had no tears to cry, then daylight starts attacks
Against her muddy eyes
She's tired of this life, no summersun can help her
'bout the sorrow in her mind

When the spoon is hot and the needle searches for a way
She's turning back to live and to feel like a queen


D, Deanta

Deanta - The Green Fields Of Canada

Tekst piosenki Deanta - The Green Fields Of Canada po polsku
So pack up your seastores, consider no longer
For ten dollars a week isn't very bad pay
With no taxes or tithes to devour up your wages
When you're on the green fields of Amerikay
Farewell to the groves of shellelagh and shamrock
Farewell to the wee girls of Ireland all 'round
May your hearts be as merry as ever I could wish for


D, Deanta

Deanta - Willie Taylor

Tekst piosenki Deanta - Willie Taylor po polsku
Willy Taylor and his youthful lover
Full of mirth and loyalty
They were going to the church to be married
He was pressed and sent to sea
She dressed herself up like a sailor
On her breast she wore a star
Her beautiful fingers long and slender


D, Deanta

Deanta - Dark Iniseoghain

Tekst piosenki Deanta - Dark Iniseoghain po polsku
The maidens of beauty and swains so forlorn
That carelessly wander away from your home
I am off by the moonlight and break of the morning
I'll be found in the mountains of dark Iniseoghain
I strayed to a place they call sweet Clonmany
In search of a fair one that I might adore
But a maiden to love me, I couldn't find any


A, Annihilator

Annihilator - Hell bent for leather

Tekst piosenki Annihilator - Hell bent for leather po polsku
Seek him here, seek him on the highway
Never knowing when hell appear
All await, engines ticking over
Hear the roar as they sense the fear

Wheels! a glint of steel and a flash of light!
Screams! from a streak of fire as he strikes!


C, Conception

Conception - Silver Shine

Tekst piosenki Conception - Silver Shine po polsku
I stride through
the rain
trying to expel
the look on her face
the night we met
somewhere in the
I hear the sound

C, Conception

Conception - Parallel Minds

Tekst piosenki Conception - Parallel Minds po polsku
The things I know're
beyond belief
gathered through ages
like growing seeds
I have absorbed
the moment has
come to challenge
the royalty

C, Conception

Conception - Silent Crying

Tekst piosenki Conception - Silent Crying po polsku
She lays her head on
her pillow
says her prayers
with no sound
there's a shadow
by her window
telling her
there'll be no one else

C, Conception

Conception - Water Confines

Tekst piosenki Conception - Water Confines po polsku
I've always done
what's right for me
I never asked for sympathy, compassion
I've always offered
what it takes
to fit the frame my
mirror makes

B, Black Hate

Black Hate - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)

Tekst piosenki Black Hate - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) po polsku
Transilvanian hunger cold, soul
Your hands are cruel... to haunt, to haunt

The mountains are cold... soul, cold
Careful pale, forever at night

Take me can't you feel the call
Embrace me eternally in your daylight slumber


C, Conception

Conception - Soliloquy

Tekst piosenki Conception - Soliloquy po polsku
[PART 1]
[Sweet Lavender]
Sense the purity of
your own mind child
such an innocence
not yet caught by
judging eyes

P, Porno for Pyros

Porno for Pyros - Bad ⊂⊃

Tekst piosenki Porno for Pyros - Bad Shit po polsku
Got some bad ⊂⊃
Then I walked the beach in Venice, oh!

I went outside
I been in too long
I went outside
For some inspiration
Did the G-O


S, Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich - Independent

Tekst piosenki Sacred Reich - Independent po polsku
Read my lips, I don't care what you say
I might listen but I'll do it my own way
Don't you see it don't mean nothing to me
When all's said and done, I'll stand on my two feet

Let me be I live by my own rules
Independent, independence
Can't you see it's my right to choose


S, Sigh

Sigh - Ready For The Final War

Tekst piosenki Sigh - Ready For The Final War po polsku
See the plough show their destiny,
Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear,
Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy,
The winged warriors take their black spears,
Five evil lords will finaly ascend,
Against the light vengeance now begins,
Reign of the light will soon come to an end,
To shambhala will all our sins,


K, Kabát

Kabát - Pivrnec

Tekst piosenki Kabát - Pivrnec po polsku
Kdo nejvíc vypije kdo všechno přežije
Kdo pivo miluje kdo vypadá jak výčep sám
Jen se objeví hned se projeví
Ve skvělý náladě ten by nám slušel na Hradě

Už je to tady už přichází sám Ruda
Má dobrou formu nebude nuda
Hospodskej nestíhá a brzo zavírá


R, Royal Hunt

Royal Hunt - Ten To Life

Tekst piosenki Royal Hunt - Ten To Life po polsku
Sun's comin' up and news starts spreadin' around
Yesterday's gone, and you man I had to gun down, down, down
Hey mister "know it all" - what the hell you gonna do?
When a jerk like that takes a swing at you
You'll run for cover, you'll spit him in the eye,
You'll pull the trigger! - don't tell me lies...


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