D, Deanta

Deanta - Culloden's Harvest

Tekst piosenki Deanta - Culloden's Harvest po polsku
Cold winds on the moors blow.
Warm the enemy's fires glow.
Like the harvest of Culloden,
Pain and fear and death grow.
Twas love of our prince drove us all to Drumossie,
But in scarcely the time that it takes me to tell
The flower of our country lay scorched by an army


D, Deanta

Deanta - The Maid That Sold Her Barley

Tekst piosenki Deanta - The Maid That Sold Her Barley po polsku
It's cold and raw the north winds blow
Black in the morning early
When all the hills were covered with snow
Oh then it was winter fairly
As I was riding o'er the moor
I met a farmer's daughter
Her cherry cheeks and sloe-black hair
They caused my heart to falter


K, Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue - Surrender

Tekst piosenki Kylie Minogue - Surrender po polsku
Come on, come on, come on
Ooh yeah
Ooh uh
Ooh whoa

Come to me
And I'll surrender my love to you
Give in to your dreams


D, Deanta

Deanta - The Benedy Glen

Tekst piosenki Deanta - The Benedy Glen po polsku
Through Benedy Glen oft at eve have I wandered
With a heart that is lighter than the dew of the morn
Her heather-clad mountains and clear crystal fountains
Delightful to view by the light of the dawn
I see her green hills and swift-running streamlets
Eternally flowing right on to the sea
By her side I lie down on a bank of blue violets


D, Deanta

Deanta - Ready for the storm

Tekst piosenki Deanta - Ready for the storm po polsku
The waves crash in and the tide pulls out
It's an angry sea but there is no doubt
That the lighthouse will keep shining in the night
To warn the lonely sailor

The lightning strikes and the wind cuts cold
Through the sailor's bones, to the sailor's soul
'Till there's nothing left that he can hold


T, Threshold

Threshold - A Tension of Souls

Tekst piosenki Threshold - A Tension of Souls po polsku
i have lost the unobtainable i am faithless and afraid
my emotions are unstable control is hanging by a thread
and the misery of the world
is weighing heavy on my shoulders
my belief has not unfurled and i'm not getting any older
no i'm not getting any older and the world is turning colder
there's a gathering storm eating up the night

U, Unwound

Unwound - Envelope

Tekst piosenki Unwound - Envelope po polsku
she won't miss you if you let her.
she won't miss you if you let her.
she won't miss you if you let her.
she won't miss you if you let her.
i'm not scared to stay inside a sealed envelope
envelope envelope envelope
i don't know why i live inside a goddamn envelope
envelope envelope envelope

G, Giorgia

Giorgia - Cicha Miłość

Tekst piosenki Giorgia - Cicha Miłość po polsku
Moja cicha miłość, która drży beze mnie
Jak oddychać, jeśli przechodzisz
jasne, że moja miłość żyje we mnie
Jak mogę Cię kochać,
jeśli idziesz w morzu i na lądzie
Opiszę wam- wyjdzie ona w słońcu
Będę czekała...

P, Pavement

Pavement - Unfair

Tekst piosenki Pavement - Unfair po polsku
down in Santa Rosa over the bay
across the grapevine to L.A.
we've got desert, we've got trees
we've got the hills of Beverly
let's burn the hills of Beverly!!
walk with your credit card in the air!!
swing your nachos just like you just don't care!!

P, Pavement

Pavement - Newark Wilder

Tekst piosenki Pavement - Newark Wilder po polsku
Lane driver
The forces against you, the rain
I know everybody wants to put you down
But I know everybody's gonna put me down
I want you

Because I'm rushing to feel you
But I won't set you down, I don't need to

T, Tankard

Tankard - Mainhattan

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Mainhattan po polsku
Hometown, the giant village, big time but little soul
Up! Up! Skyscraper city, business and finance rule
Yuppies make the day
Homebodys take the night
Thugs, ⊂⊃, sheer desperation, the streets are full or stripe
Mass life, massive aggression, this place is modern life


T, Tankard

Tankard - Cyberworld

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Cyberworld po polsku
They told us, everything is under control
They told us, there would be no conflict
They told us, they would protect us
But the company lied!
They took our minds and threw them into the matrix-war
As a part of the machine, entering the cyberworld,
There was only one thought left in our heads
To kill!


T, Tankard

Tankard - Ich Brauch Meinen Suff

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Ich Brauch Meinen Suff po polsku
Ich brauch meinen Suff
wie der Spieße den Puff
Ich brauch meinen Suff
wie der Spieße den Puff
Frühestens ab 2 Promill
weiß ich, was ich wirklich will
dann erst seh ich richtig klar


T, Tankard

Tankard - Two-Faced

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Two-Faced po polsku
My next-door neighbor
An unassuming man
White picket fences
Respected citizen
In the darkness of hidden passion
In the place that's kept out of view
Raping his teenage daughter softly whispering "I love you"


T, Tankard

Tankard - Up From Zero

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Up From Zero po polsku
Every day I'm a slave to the grind
Think I'm loosing my mind
9 to 5 ain't mu kind of routine
Ain't nobody's machine
Boss says: think of the future
But what about today?
'Cos if I die tomorrow
There ain't no time to waste


T, Tankard

Tankard - Cities In Flames

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Cities In Flames po polsku
You're death is what I need
Fighting for deliverance, fighting in the night
Try to be dead! Try to be wrong!
You're pain my evil creed
Fighting for the instruments, fighting metal Gods
Pray to be dead! Pray for the breed!


T, Tankard

Tankard - Nation Over Nation

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Nation Over Nation po polsku
Nation by nation
Like measles on the map
Sprouting in all directions
From Mother Russia's lap
The dream of independence
Seeking identify
As the old orders crumble
But you must learn to see


T, Tankard

Tankard - Death Penalty

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Death Penalty po polsku
Democratic nations continue executing murderers
Innocents youths and victims of racist justice.
The death penalty doesn't deter
Doesn't satisfy, doesn't add up - all is does is kill
I feel the noose get tight
Feel the injection needle
The gas is choking me


A, Ambasador

Ambasador - Pierwsza miłość

Tekst piosenki Ambasador - Pierwsza miłość po polsku
Przyjechałaś tak piękna jak wiosna
Przyjechałaś, by oczarować mnie
Lecz ja wtedy , ja wtedy nie wiedziałem
Że zakocham tak łatwo w Tobie się (2 x)
I zaczęły się wspólne spacery
Piękne noce, upojne niczym Ty
Kochaliśmy się co noc tak we dwoje

Pozostali, Игорь Корнелюк

Игорь Корнелюк - Город которого нет

Tekst piosenki Игорь Корнелюк - Город которого нет po polsku
Ночь и тишина, данная на век,
Дождь, а может быть падает снег,
Все равно, - бесконечной надеждой согрет,
Я вдали вижу город, которого нет...

Где легко найти страннику приют,
Где, наверняка, помнят и ждут,
День за днем, то теряя, то путая след,

S, Skaner

Skaner - Weronika

Tekst piosenki Skaner - Weronika po polsku
1. Gdy ja zapukam w drzwi twe to zawsze mi mówią, że nie ma cię.
Nikt nie wie z kim ty i gdzie może to jest prawda lecz myślę, że nie.
Wyjrzyj choć raz za firanki swej to wszystko czego dziś chcę.
Wiem, że to lato skończyło się ale moja miłość nie.

Ref. Choć raz otwórz mi swoje drzwi i nigdy nie płacz więcej.
Już dziś spełnią się nasze sny tak jak w piosence. x2


I, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - Return From Tomorrow

Tekst piosenki Illdisposed - Return From Tomorrow po polsku
Nowadays I go blind
when they say there's more to our lives
then all the death and misery
in which I dwell and has my needs
Should say I believe in me
should make some sense in my life
But with a dark wind in my face

B, Bayer full

Bayer full - Ach ten rock and roll

Tekst piosenki Bayer full - Ach ten rock and roll po polsku
Już dawno wszyscy znamy akordy boogie woo
Ktoś zagrał osiem taktów, tak powstał rock and roll

I wszyscy chętnie go tańczyli
I wszyscy chętnie go nucili
Na całym świecie zapanował
Rockandrollowy szał


NARS - Išeinu

Tekst piosenki NARS - Išeinu po polsku
Štai nukrito lapai jau
Užmigs ruduo ramus
Tarytum aš migloj matau
Nutolstančius namus
O tu vis stovi tarpdury
O, mano mylima
Tu stovi ir verki

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