A, Antoś Szprycha

Antoś Szprycha - Obiecanki cacanki

Tekst piosenki Antoś Szprycha - Obiecanki cacanki po polsku
Co się u nas wyrabiało, jeden Bóg to wie
Gdy co drugi chciał na posła szybko dostać się
Wygłaszali receptury przez calutkie dnie
Jak uzdrowić gospodarkę, nagle każdy wie
Obiecanki cacanki, a w Polsce jak kto chce
Byleby na stołek szybko dostać się

W, Waylander

Waylander - Gaelic Dawn

Tekst piosenki Waylander - Gaelic Dawn po polsku
In this modern world of nightmares
We all need our majestic dreams

W, Waylander

Waylander - A Hero's Lament

Tekst piosenki Waylander - A Hero's Lament po polsku
As the dark clouds they do gather
I sing my last lament
For the ravens they do gather
My strength is almost spent
My life force it disperses
My blood lies in the sand
The Darkness now Descends
My Death is Close at Hand

S, Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue - Goodbye

Tekst piosenki Seventh Avenue - Goodbye po polsku
Now it's time for a break and if we don't we make a mistake
We walk for time on the line, to say goodbye - I have seen the sign.
We have to say goodbye, and if we say it, it's no lie,
So if we could see us again may the same flame burn within.
Goodbye my friend but that's no seperation forever
Goodbye my friend, please don't look back - goodbye.
God bless you on all your ways that's my prayer for you

T, The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers - Ten Years in Mexico

Tekst piosenki The Bacon Brothers - Ten Years in Mexico po polsku
Tequila smile and a mango kiss
They've never seen rain quite like this
Give the storm a name watch her blow
She's outside with a sweet surprise
You can't stop her when her waters rise
Open up the door let her flow


M, Memory Garden

Memory Garden - Amen

Tekst piosenki Memory Garden - Amen po polsku
Percieve an awakening so acquainted
Floating and drifting so absorbing
Not affected by anything nor anyone
Malicious shadows have been chased away
From almond coloured remedy so pure
Engrave prejudice of calm and silence
Premonition for deep mental illness
Vague feelings for the destination

V, Veni Domine

Veni Domine - Dawn of Time

Tekst piosenki Veni Domine - Dawn of Time po polsku
In the darkness of the alley
Speaks the silence of the grave
But the eyes of my spirit
See the shades that seek the brave
The demons haunt the innocence
Of the souls once astray
Tortured by the face of darkness

C, Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse - Headless

Tekst piosenki Cannibal Corpse - Headless po polsku
Drawn to an act of complete domination
Violent urges of decapitation
Premeditated murder, invidious
Soon she will be vanquished, insidious


E, Edsilia Rombley

Edsilia Rombley - Hemel en aarde ( Eurovision 1998 )

Tekst piosenki Edsilia Rombley - Hemel en aarde ( Eurovision 1998 ) po polsku
Nederland was koel en kil en dan vooral het weer
De wind die lag nooit stil, m'n liefdes leven des te meer
Wat ik in jou ogen las, ontstak bij mij het vuur
Ze wordt nogal eens onderschat, de kracht van de natuur
Hemel en aarde, bewegen als jij voor me staat
Het is voor mij bewezen, dat het lot bestaat
Hemel en aarde gaan open, als je mij aanraakt


I, Innerwish

Innerwish - Ready For Attack

Tekst piosenki Innerwish - Ready For Attack po polsku
We're marching with last
From another world below
And no one dare to close our ways.
The enemy awaits,
But we're never turning back
This battle takes our fears away.

T, Threshold

Threshold - Angels

Tekst piosenki Threshold - Angels po polsku
you used to call me different like there was something wrong
a vanishing of reason a soon forgotten song
you used to call me special when i was very small
but now i'm old i should have known
you don't call me any more
and every day you turn away from everything you know
and every night you fade your light soon you won't know where to go

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Downcast

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Downcast po polsku
Everytime I get into the night...
Your night
Searching for some dreams
Into my heart...
Your heart
Everytime I hold you for a while
Your time
So I guess what else

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - At Once and Forever

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - At Once and Forever po polsku
Only with you (only for you)...
However far it seems
I'm hanging on your words
You'll find it again someday
It's the dawning of our love
I have already told you once

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Season '98

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Season '98 po polsku
It used to be unreal
Fairy tales of yesterday
I washed away with all my pain
But they won't ever fade away
Once freezing some ideals
The cold wind took them all away
No sunshine to brighten up our memories
Who can turn back into old times

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Shadowflower

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Shadowflower po polsku
In the silent views of the night
When souls are filled with sorrow
I thought that day had been a dream
A dream within a nightmare
To keep an eye on the flowers
Over their magical presence
A voice from the past cries now
And all its days are trances

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Suicidal Letters

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Suicidal Letters po polsku
Heart beats quicker as it starts to fall
Why did she let all the flower die
Spirit of fire
Eternal flame that burns in desire's name
All the dreams
Driven away, far away among the hills

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Rain of July

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Rain of July po polsku
Bloody tongue... so cold
She dances around my neck
Swallow me
Swallow me
Tasting poisenous rain
But blood is what she claims
Swallow me
Swallow me

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Soulsister

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Soulsister po polsku
Whenever your soul is frozen
Cold by no means so intense
Suddenly converted to stone
As if exhausted from emotions
Drag you down
To a place
Where the sun doesn't shine

H, Heavenwood

Heavenwood - Heartquake

Tekst piosenki Heavenwood - Heartquake po polsku
I can't understand
Why you turn around
I can't understand
Why you bring me down
Perhaps another day
You'll ask me to stay
Perhaps another day
I'll be the last to stay

V, Virgin Black

Virgin Black - Opera De Trance

Tekst piosenki Virgin Black - Opera De Trance po polsku
Silence, my child
And bear your gifts of love
Feed me, feed me
Your drops of angel's blood
When will my body live?
When will my body begin to live?
"It will live when you die
You will die when you drink

V, Virgin Black

Virgin Black - A Saint Is Weeping

Tekst piosenki Virgin Black - A Saint Is Weeping po polsku
Curdled milk in wine
The lingering taste of yesterday
My color has grown pale
Your face I see no more
A pointed finger accuses me
So dead, so numb, so cold
With every illicit embrace
A splintered soul is cast aside

R, Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin - Jaleo [spanish]

Tekst piosenki Ricky Martin - Jaleo [spanish] po polsku
Mil y una vidas ya pasé
Muchos corazones me robé
Siete maravillas pude ver
¡Y solo tu leyenda se escribió en mi piel!

¡Atrapao! ¡Moribundo!
¡Con esas ganas de bailar contigo!
Dame jaleo ole ole ole oleola...


J, Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell - Jesus Hands

Tekst piosenki Jerry Cantrell - Jesus Hands po polsku
If you ever torch your bridges
If you're ever past the starlight
If you're ever unassured
Forever you will burn
As you sleep unearthly grace
Lay Jesus hands upon your face
To this sea you've been shot down
Now find the shore, it can be found


J, Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell - Cut you in

Tekst piosenki Jerry Cantrell - Cut you in po polsku
I like to sit
Do nothing at home
I disappear
turn off the phone
I lose myself
Hide from the sun
I make a trip,
when I'm out of fun


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