I, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - Johnny

Tekst piosenki Illdisposed - Johnny po polsku
Just let me say this Johnny man, you hold my utter most respect.
And in my vision we are brothers.
It's you and us against the world.
Don't be scared now Johnny man, what said is said and I regret.
We need to hold this together now.
We need need to set this one straight.
Johnny, we're sorry.
Won't you come on home now?

I, Illdisposed

Illdisposed - This Unscheduled Moment

Tekst piosenki Illdisposed - This Unscheduled Moment po polsku
So who look all my passions?
Spontaneity released.
I guess I never had this, in boredom we believe.
I he sun is never shining, and neither are you.
I long for everything.
They round you up for Christmas, then Easter takes its toll

F, Faun

Faun - La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Tekst piosenki Faun - La Belle Dame Sans Merci po polsku
Was ist dein Schmerz, du armer Mann,
so bleich zu sein und so gering,
wo im verdorrten Schilf am See
kein Vogel singt?"

"Ich traf ein' edle Frau am Rhein,
die war so so schön - ein feenhaft Bild,
ihr Haar war lang, ihr Gang war leicht,

L, Lukas Con K

Lukas Con K - Tienda De Muñecas

Tekst piosenki Lukas Con K - Tienda De Muñecas po polsku
Sonrisas estudiadas,
provocan mi mirada
Y no caigo en la cuenta
de que estás como si nada
Te crees sofisticada
Arriba colocada
En tu corral privado
solo para gente guapa

T, TV3

TV3 - Rožių kerai

Tekst piosenki TV3 - Rožių kerai po polsku
Rožių kerai
Tarytum nuodai...
Jis vakar sakė: tu lyg rožė graži
Skendau gilioj aš komplimentų jūroj
Moters jausmai jiems nesuvokiami
Flirte jiems tenka antraeilė rolė

E, Esoterica

Esoterica - Tomorrow I won`t remember

Tekst piosenki Esoterica - Tomorrow I won`t remember po polsku
his angry door
is a blessed obstruction to me
a simple distraction to the mind,
and I tear my foot from the ground
and I'm desperate to let it all out
and everything's screaming and muffled and merging inside of me hurting its feeding
the feelings the same and I feel

A, Adam Joseph

Adam Joseph - Finally

Tekst piosenki Adam Joseph - Finally po polsku
Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams
The one who shows me true love or at least it seems
With brown coco skin and curly black hair
It's just the way he looks at me, that gentle lovin' stare

Finally you come along
The way I feel about you
It just can't be wrong


A, Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson - Stranger with my face

Tekst piosenki Alexz Johnson - Stranger with my face po polsku
You fall apart while you're in the game
You aim your dart but show your pain
And we'll never know what's up your sleeve
How far you will go it's in the breeze
As cold as snow we watch you freeze
You follow me home I'll call the police

Stranger with my face


S, Shizukusa Yumi

Shizukusa Yumi - Endless Summer

Tekst piosenki Shizukusa Yumi - Endless Summer po polsku
Kubi ni tsutau ase hotsure gami wo nurasu
O-matsuri gaeri no atsui yuuhodou
Toshiue no anata no TAIPU motto kikasete chikadzukitai
Asu kara wa shigoto da kedo shuuchuu dekinai kurai muchuu na no
Zutto soba ni ite hanasanaide
Musuu no hoshi ga me no mae ni KIRA KIRA tokimeku


V, Vanna

Vanna - We Are Nameless

Tekst piosenki Vanna - We Are Nameless po polsku
Our lives are theirs now.
and they've buried our love.
they thought that we'd forget.
they thought that we'd forget.
come alive.
just to see her face again.
if not in this life.

V, Vanna

Vanna - Sleepwalker

Tekst piosenki Vanna - Sleepwalker po polsku
Her name is. horror. model. lifeless. hallowed.
and what she's doing. while no one's looking.
it's not just wrong. it's murder.
to everything i know is right.
i have to find it in myself.
to let her go.
but by the sounds of their disarray.

V, Vanna

Vanna - Life And Limb

Tekst piosenki Vanna - Life And Limb po polsku
In the name of a woman. Standing anxious at a window.
Counting waves to see. Our letters wash up.
Swearing us safe. Cut through the night.
Close your eyes. And ride the wind.
Into the depths. Her flowing beauty.
Never said what would become of us.
A truth too great for concern.

V, Vanna

Vanna - Ten Arms

Tekst piosenki Vanna - Ten Arms po polsku
Don't let this slip away.
Breathe it in. Hold it in.
You will miss it when it's gone.
You have so much to say.
So listen to yourself.
We are nothing. If we suffer alone.
Remember where you came from.

I, Irūna & Marius Jampolskis

Irūna & Marius Jampolskis - Gal žinai kodėl

Tekst piosenki Irūna & Marius Jampolskis - Gal žinai kodėl po polsku
Pamilai laukinę širdį
Tu net pati to nežinai
Kai lietus tave nugirdė
Mano plaukus bučiavai
Na kodėl šitaip atsitiko?
Gal žinai kodėl
Kad tu ir aš šiandien susitikom


S, Shakra

Shakra - Why

Tekst piosenki Shakra - Why po polsku
I am all alone
No one to call my own
Death comes as release
Give me shelter please
You were my temptation
Resistless cunning Eve
Now where's your ray of hope

A, Aneta Langerová

Aneta Langerová - Jsem

Tekst piosenki Aneta Langerová - Jsem po polsku
Místy v krajinách
stopy v cizích tvářích
v podvědomí

Teplem v peřinách
střepy pod polštáři


F, Fit For Rivals

Fit For Rivals - Get With Me

Tekst piosenki Fit For Rivals - Get With Me po polsku
Hey, my conscious on the run.
It's only because I forgot to tell you that you're not the only one.
Come, and show me what you got.
My guess is better than yours about what I am and what you're not.

Whoa, come on and hate me,
Whoa, come on and hate me.


J, Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela

Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela - Sami we dwoje

Tekst piosenki Justyna Szafran Konrad Imiela - Sami we dwoje po polsku
Dzieje Grzechu
Ja mam tajemnicę o której nie mogę zapomnieć
Mam takie wspomnienia że już ich nie mogę wymazać
A dawne zdarzenia wciąż będą powracać już do mnie
I życie się skończy na tamtych okropnych obrazach
Cokolwiek zrobiłaś ja wszystko przyjmuję na siebie
Do głębi istoty przenika mnie to co się stało

R, Rastasize

Rastasize - You

Tekst piosenki Rastasize - You po polsku
I`m listening to the News
And I can`t believe in what they say
I`m listening to the Radio
And I can`t believe in what they play

They think they rule this World
But don`t let them to fool ya
They think they own this World

R, Rastasize

Rastasize - Roots

Tekst piosenki Rastasize - Roots po polsku
This is not just kicking a tin-can along the Street
This is deep, bitter and sweet
Proportionally complete Flavor
Bitter and sweet
Bitter and sweet

And then you`ll have to forget
All what`s left undone

R, Rastasize

Rastasize - Right to the Shore

Tekst piosenki Rastasize - Right to the Shore po polsku
And that`s the way I`m driving
And thats`s the way I go
And that`s the way my own ego
Is depriving my precious soul

And that`s the way I`m diving
And that`s the way I flow
And that`s the way I`m swimming on

R, Rastasize

Rastasize - We Will Never Get Silent

Tekst piosenki Rastasize - We Will Never Get Silent po polsku
There are times there`s a Natural Mystic
That blows in The Air
But Sometimes The Air is so Different
And smells with Despair

It isn`t Gods World anymore
It is Satans World and Satans War of Goodness
Oh! Oh My Goodness

C, Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse - Carrion Sculpted Entity

Tekst piosenki Cannibal Corpse - Carrion Sculpted Entity po polsku
Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Splatter soaked
Sinister demon incarnate


H, Headhunterz

Headhunterz - Muzikal Revolution

Tekst piosenki Headhunterz - Muzikal Revolution po polsku
I invite you to be the revolution

The musical revolution

I became the music
I became the dance
I became a part of the revolution (word!)
And together we became one


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