D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - The Hardest Mile

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - The Hardest Mile po polsku
I'm heading for a life in the land of the free
Sending every penny home to the family
Off to find fortunes that can't be bought
Now Paddy's struck down from a single shot

Paddy's struck down from a single shot!

They lured the men away they promised wealth and riches

D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Sunday Hardcore Matinee

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - Sunday Hardcore Matinee po polsku
Fifteen kids in a pickup truck your Chucks, a case of beer
Pack of Luckys, jeans rolled up your one way out of here
Heard them on a compilation we traded in the mail
Been waiting such a long time tonight we cannot fall
On the way to a matinee a Sunday hardcore show
They played it loud, they played it fast most folks don't want to know
Dancing hard, skank and slam the action never ends
Stagedive, kick, jump and flip pig pile on all your friends

D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Deeds Not Words

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - Deeds Not Words po polsku
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
Bodies on the floor no one's getting out alive
Death is in the air there's trouble all around
Now you got it coming this time you're going down
Deeds not words you should've told the truth
You're a liar and traitor and now we got the proof

Liar and a traitor

D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Cruel

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - Cruel po polsku
We were born into nothing, hard up so to speak
But love and affection this family afforded me
Worries came early and often it seemed
Fate was not pleasant still I was redeemed
Then compassion soon faded to chaos
As they did their best all the while
When circumstance outweighs intention
Sometimes the mountain's just too hard to climb

D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - Climbing A Chair To Bed

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - Climbing A Chair To Bed po polsku
You want something out of nothing, you want blood from a stone
To banish all your enemies and wish them safely home
Some would say insanity or crazy, better still
Cut off your nose to spite your face, for life you've lost all will
Now you've mingled with your demons and depression's your excuse
But your lack of conscious effort is a bourbon triple proof
You've expelled the for your lobby but they lurk behind the door
It's a noose of your own making and it's rotten to the core

D, Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys - 1953

Tekst piosenki Dropkick Murphys - 1953 po polsku
On that snowy bright December day
She came and took my breath away
It was there I met my love so fair
A beauty oh so true and rare


For who we are and what we'll be

K, Kidneythieves

Kidneythieves - The Invisible Plan

Tekst piosenki Kidneythieves - The Invisible Plan po polsku
I feel the sun rise
It burns in my eyes
This is my own life
I gotta get mine
My heroes don't fly
They crawl up inside
Take over your mind
Just like a drive-by

K, Kidneythieves

Kidneythieves - Underneath

Tekst piosenki Kidneythieves - Underneath po polsku
I opened my eyes to see
What's real is not anymore
The grin(?) of the adreanaline
The faint(?) on the floor
I'm standing here all alone
Won't be like it was before
The sky is changing
And no one is safe anymore

F, French Kiss

French Kiss - Chinmoku

Tekst piosenki French Kiss - Chinmoku po polsku
Me wo sotto tojireba ukande kuru
Yasashii anata no egao
Konna ni itoshii no ni
Te ni todokanai
Sono kyori ga setsunakute...
Gurasu no naka no sooda sui wo hora
Kaki mazete

, ,

F, French Kiss

French Kiss - Kimi nara Daijoubu

Tekst piosenki French Kiss - Kimi nara Daijoubu po polsku
Ame ga futta ato no sora wa itsu demo
Iya na koto wo subete wasureru you ni...
Kumo ga hitotsu mo nai sumiwataru sora
Sotto miagetetara yuuki ga waku yo
Zubunure datta
Mune no oku
Kaze to hizashi wo


A, Armistice

Armistice - God Will Get His Man

Tekst piosenki Armistice - God Will Get His Man po polsku
Oh mourning morning comes
Love stays furious
I'll pray, oh, pain be done
‘Cause all you have is gone

So hold on to that other hand
‘Cause God will get his man
There must be some kind of circumstance


D, Delain

Delain - Babylon

Tekst piosenki Delain - Babylon po polsku
Easy now
We don't need this
Take a breath
And believe it's
Just a phase
That we're going through
I try to shout
But my words go in and out


O, One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock - Naive Astronaut

Tekst piosenki One Ok Rock - Naive Astronaut po polsku
Got to the sun and pass the stars
Down to the moon and heading to Mars
Smells like burning
Now I’m out of orbit
Watch the turning
in my head you’re saying good-bye…


D, Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo - Fuego y Miel

Tekst piosenki Daniela Castillo - Fuego y Miel po polsku
Fuimos hielo bajo el sol, que se desvaneció
El color de una pasión que el viento marchitó
Dime si es posible que el amor
Que se perdió siga anclado al corazón
Indomable el dolor, incurable el temor de que pierda la razón
Viviré recordando tus besos
Llevaré norte y sur de tu cuerpo


D, Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo - Invencible

Tekst piosenki Daniela Castillo - Invencible po polsku
Sigo mi voz, vuelvo a soñar mi vida una vez más
Suelto el pasado que me amarra me dejo en libertad
Para olvidar y caminar a pies descalzos
Sin miedo a amar y sin dudar entre tus labios naufragar
Todos mis sueños serán posibles
Porque tu amor me hará invencible
Hoy vuelvo a vivir intensamente junto a ti


M, Miracle Of Sound

Miracle Of Sound - Normandy

Tekst piosenki Miracle Of Sound - Normandy po polsku
A faint shimmering
The blaze of a dying star
Rays glimmering
Flares flash and glare from afar

The tiniest flicker on the edge of the sky
Supernovas collapse in the blink of an eye
The many will call on the deeds of the few

I, Isy

Isy - For Somebody

Tekst piosenki Isy - For Somebody po polsku
Oh, the some-somebody who knows my name,
The some-somebody who knows me behind my face,
The some-somebody who I call my friend,
The some-somebody who understands,
I sing for you now,
I wanna thank you, God.

One more little love song,

D, Draże

Draże - Lepszy Świat

Tekst piosenki Draże - Lepszy Świat po polsku
Średnio cywilizowany, tym światem zszokowany,
tak zaskoczony nie pamiętam nic,
obezwładniony, zadowolony.

Tu noc odbiera ludziom moc, odbiera życie im,
nie pamiętają co zdarzyło się,
obezwładnieni, zadowoleni.


D, Doctor P

Doctor P - Neon (Ft. Jenna G)

Tekst piosenki Doctor P - Neon (Ft. Jenna G) po polsku
Right here, right now
We got everything but one light out
You shine for me
Illuminated by the chemistry

Every touch, every kiss, is electric
I’m going underneath the neon

L, Luca Dayz

Luca Dayz - Pretty ⊂⊃y thing

Tekst piosenki Luca Dayz - Pretty sexy thing po polsku
Do you feel girl
What I feel now
Why don't we now
Just wait for a moment girl...
Girl you make me
Go blind crazy
I need you like
Wait till i hop out the car...

N, Natalia y Maka

Natalia y Maka - No Te Olvidé

Tekst piosenki Natalia y Maka - No Te Olvidé po polsku
y olvidarte no te olvide, no consigo sacarte de mi,
y olvidarte no te olvide, mas quisiera yo decir que si,
para empazar y buscar mi otro camino,
para volar lejos de ti, para volver a sonreir...

por que yo no te olvido vida aunque quisiera, que vaya donde
vaya yo te siento cerca,
porque yo creo que seguir con esto no vale la pena,

N, Natalia y Maka

Natalia y Maka - Como una Paloma

Tekst piosenki Natalia y Maka - Como una Paloma po polsku
me vuelvo a lenvantar un dia mas sin motivo ni razon para seguir,
me vuelvo a despetar y tu no estas y
es que no me acostumbro a estar sin ti,
si mi me faltan tus besos,
tu aliento, tu boca, tu pelo,
tu forma de acariciar mi cuerpo,
me faltan mis manos que tocan
el cielo cuando estan cerca de ti...

D, Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo - Esta Guerra

Tekst piosenki Daniela Castillo - Esta Guerra po polsku
Dentro de batalla desarmada estoy
Mi estrategia no ha sido la mejor
Desde que te fuiste tengo que intentar
Esquivar tu recuerdo inmortal
Ya me cansé buscando un refugio a donde huir
Y apenas tengo fuerzas para resistir
Ven, que no ves que estoy perdiendo en esta guerra


A, Alice Nine

Alice Nine - Fuurin

Tekst piosenki Alice Nine - Fuurin po polsku
Yurameite yurameite
Saita hanabi ga yokogao kimi wo somete

Tsumetai akikaze ga natsu iro tsurete yuku
Usurete shimau kedo kimi wa kesenai mama

Shizunda hi wa noboru to hohoemi tsubuyaku kedo
Rikai wa kaze ni nagasarete namiutsu you ni kioku hikimodosu yo

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