S, Slipknot

Slipknot - I am hated

Tekst piosenki Slipknot - I am hated po polsku
The whole world is my enemy - and I'm a walking target
Two times the devil with all the significance
Dragged and raped for the love of a mob
I can't stay - because I can't be stopped
Eat mother⊂⊃ers alive who cross us
I know you're all tired of the same ol' bosses
Let me tell you how it's gonna be
I'm gonna kill anyone who steps up in front of me

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G, Garbage

Garbage - Cherry Lips

Tekst piosenki Garbage - Cherry Lips po polsku
She gave you everything she had
But she was young and dumb
She'd just turned twenty-one
She didn't care to hang around
So when the ⊂⊃ came down
Why she was nowhere to be found
This life can turn a good girl bad
She was the sweetest thing

P, Papa Roach

Papa Roach - M 80 (Explosive Energy Movement)

Tekst piosenki Papa Roach - M 80 (Explosive Energy Movement) po polsku
This music is my time to reel out and rewind
I'll be brutal with truth, I'd rather be honest with my soul
Be the pile of trash a bum picks through to get a bite to eat
I'm filthy, I'm horny, I'm dirty nasty dirty!
I'm strong and fearless
Only 'cause I got rock 'n' roll

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B, Bt

Bt - Kimosabe

Tekst piosenki Bt - Kimosabe po polsku
Merry-go stereo type typical
The expectation was visible make money residual
Paying dues physically
I resurrect the earth from birth
And switch the dead spread like it was sandwich bread
Seventy five percent of MCs in the millenium
Get offended when Jack steps up and put the venom up in 'em
The venom is affirmable by penicillin to pen them


S, Symbion Project

Symbion Project - Synthesized

Tekst piosenki Symbion Project - Synthesized po polsku
Synthesized = Girl Voice


M, Mekon

Mekon - What's Going On feat. Roxanne Shante

Tekst piosenki Mekon - What's Going On feat. Roxanne Shante po polsku


What's going on Mekon?
You told to me to put you so baby you're on

F, Freezepop

Freezepop - Super-Sprode

Tekst piosenki Freezepop - Super-Sprode po polsku
To our crazy fans
We wrote this song
Especially for you
It's for everything you do
You are the best
Now get undressed
You are the cutest fans by far
You took a risk

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