J, Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg - Broken

Tekst piosenki Jake Bugg - Broken po polsku
I'll wait here for you for I'm broken
Down, I'm coming down this town,
For my heart lies.

Far and away where they took you down,
Led them over to your house,
Where I'm broken.

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P, Passenger

Passenger - Feather On The Clyde

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Feather On The Clyde po polsku
There is a river that runs through Glasgow,
And he makes her and he breaks her and he takes her into parts.
And a current just like my blood flows,
Down from the hills, round aching bones to my restless heart.

Well I would swim but the river is so wide and i’m,
Scared I won’t make it to the other side and well,
God knows I’ve failed but he knows that I’ve tried.

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B, Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom

Tekst piosenki Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom po polsku
What you gonna do?
Time's caught up with you
Now you wait your turn
You know there's no return

Change your empty rules
You join the other fools
Turn to something new

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T, The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Shine a light

Tekst piosenki The Rolling Stones - Shine a light po polsku
you stretched out in Room Ten O Nine
with a smile on your face and a tear right in your eye.
Couldn't see to get a line on you, my sweet honey love.
Berber jew'lry jangling down the street,
make you shut your eyes at ev'ry woman that you meet.
Could not seem to get a high on you, my sweet honey love.
May the good Lord shine a light on you,

E, Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives

Tekst piosenki Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives po polsku
nice girls, not one with the defect
cellophane, shrink-wrapped so correct
red dogs under illegal legs
she looks so good that he gets down and begs
she is watching the detectives
"oooh he's so cute!"
she is watching the detectvies

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G, Gold Leaves

Gold Leaves - The Silver Lining

Tekst piosenki Gold Leaves - The Silver Lining po polsku
White is the make of the mend
White's the milk on the lips
White is the ray coming down at the end
White's the noise when it splits
Even now
The pouring light
O the heavy knife

N, Norah Jones

Norah Jones - Travelin' On

Tekst piosenki Norah Jones - Travelin' On po polsku
You could never be a face in the crowd
So you're travelin' on, travelin' on out
Well you know I'd never say it out loud
But I'll be travelin' on, travelin' with you

Hey I'm too weak it's too much to fight off
The past so strong
But now I don't think too much of the time


H, Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib - Penny

Tekst piosenki Hanni El Khatib - Penny po polsku
I found you
By the heel of my shoe
You were hiding
Underneath my sole
You're my perfect, my perfect little penny
And I will keep you
Till I get old


C, Claire Diterzi

Claire Diterzi - La vieille chanteuse

Tekst piosenki Claire Diterzi - La vieille chanteuse po polsku
J'suis vieille et moche, un peu fluette
⊂⊃ez souvent mal embouchée
Trop malpolie pour être honnête
J'ai tendance à me poch'tronner
J'envoie valdinguer les⊂⊃iettes
Dès qu'chui quelque peu contrariée
J'sais bien, ça doit pas tous les jours être aisé
Pour toi de m'aimer

, ,

Y, Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo - Two Trains

Tekst piosenki Yo La Tengo - Two Trains po polsku
Black on white
The background chess
Youre racing time
When are you coming to town?
Before the fall
Before the flood
After the sinking feeling and the final cut

J, James Mathé

James Mathé - Bloodline

Tekst piosenki James Mathé - Bloodline po polsku
Take my hand
If it gets you through then it’s all right
Take my hand

But take your time
‘Till it relates to you then it’s all right
You break my mind

E, Eels

Eels - New Alphabet

Tekst piosenki Eels - New Alphabet po polsku
You know what? I’m in a good mood today
Well I’m so happy it’s not yesterday
Man it was brutal, with planning tissues
I guess you could say that I had issues
Well it’s looking good, I dug my way out
I’m changing up what the story’s about

When the world stops making sense

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