E, Eminem

Eminem - Careful What You Wish For

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Careful What You Wish For po polsku
*News reports*

[Verse 1]
So this is it, this is what I've wished for
Just isn't how I invisioned it, fame to the point of imprisonment
I just thought the ⊂⊃'da be different
But something changed the minute that I got a whiff of it


Y, Yelawolf

Yelawolf - Best Friend (Feat. Eminem)

Tekst piosenki Yelawolf - Best Friend (Feat. Eminem) po polsku
[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
Ain't never been much of the church type
But I believe in the last days
I walk through Hell almost every night
But I believe it's a pathway
Say boy, what you doin' with your life
With those tattoos on your face?
Say boy, you know that you'll pay the price

, ,

K, Kabaret Smile

Kabaret Smile - Familok

Tekst piosenki Kabaret Smile - Familok po polsku
Siedzã z bajtlem na szpilplacu
Pyrtek w piŏsku ciaprŏ sie
Obok cera na klopsztandze
Wartko się kolybie

Wnet dupło coś, choby z flinty szus
Pancer jaki szczylŏ kajś
I sztokowiec ze szałfynstrem

, ,

E, Eminem

Eminem - Biterphobia

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Biterphobia po polsku
Sneakin in through the back door, fruity MC's get ambushed
Rammed and squooshed, slammed and pushed, crammed and mushed
Then I'm movin on down from the right to left
So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death
To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two
Smackin through 'til youre black and blue for actin true
I'm dreaded like a man whose hair is all strands
Proof that I be sniffin on aerosol cans


E, Eminem

Eminem - Soap

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Soap po polsku
Roger : Skylar Montgomery?
Montgomery : What do you want from me Roger?
Roger : I know it was you all along messing around with my dear Veronica!
Montgomery : Wait a minute, you hold it right there. Me and that woman
love each other.

T, Tori Amos

Tori Amos - 97 Bonnie And Clyde

Tekst piosenki Tori Amos - 97 Bonnie And Clyde po polsku
Just the two of us.. [8X]
Baby your da-da loves you (hey)
And I'ma always be here for you (hey) no matter what happens
You're all I got in this world
I would never give you up for nothin
Nobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from me
I love you
C'mon Hai-Hai, we goin to the beach


M, Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn Bailey - Berzerk

Tekst piosenki Madilyn Bailey - Berzerk po polsku
Now this song's about to kick off, this party looks wack
Let's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch
I'm bout to bloody this track up, everybody get back
That's why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-aag
Just like I did with addiction I'm 'bout to kick it
Like a magician, critics I turn to crickets
Got 'em still on the fence whether to picket
But quick to get it impaled when I tell 'em stick it

S, Santaflow

Santaflow - No temere

Tekst piosenki Santaflow - No temere po polsku
No temeré, no lo hare ven conmigo acércate solo
coge mi mano que más da llueva o truene ya
verás nada puede con los 2 y no nos pararan
si estamos juntos tu y yo (x2)

Sé porque vuelas como un pájaro mientras sin
frenesí entiendo de que trata también estuve allí


Pozostali, 8 Mila

8 Mila - Lunch Truck Rap Battle

Tekst piosenki 8 Mila - Lunch Truck Rap Battle po polsku
Man I’m so sick and tired of ⊂⊃ing with this steel
They only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill
My body aching just to get a buck
I’m sick of eating this ⊂⊃ off this ⊂⊃ing lunch truck
Nasty⊂⊃ food. I’m in a nasty⊂⊃ mood
I should’ve called in sick
⊂⊃, I had something to do

, ,

E, Eminem

Eminem - Renewing The Staff (Freestyle)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Renewing The Staff (Freestyle) po polsku
If I'm elected for ten terms
I'm renewing the staff after the inagural
And hiring all girls as interns
If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth
While you're rappin and pull your right through the window and fight you
I'll take you straight to the pavement
Uppercut you, and scrape your face wit a bracelet
Like a razor that shaved it


H, H1

H1 - Hassliebe

Tekst piosenki H1 - Hassliebe po polsku
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
[Part 1]


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