F, Foster The People

Foster The People - Call It What You Want

Tekst piosenki Foster The People - Call It What You Want po polsku
Call it what you want
I said just call it what you want

Yeah we're locked up in ideas
We like to label everything
Well I'm just gonna do here what I gotta do here
'Cause I gotta keep myself free
You're ducking and moving just to hide your bruises from all your enemies

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C, Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles - Not In Love

Tekst piosenki Crystal Castles - Not In Love po polsku
I saw your picture hangin' on the back of my door
Won't give you my heart
No one lives there anymore
And we were lovers
Now we can't be friends
Fascination ends
Here we go again


C, Chase & Status

Chase & Status - No problem

Tekst piosenki Chase & Status - No problem po polsku
I move like water I go with the flow
I go back to old school
I go back to Rome
But this is not history it's the start of the show
Never worry that is the way that I roll
I'm a bad man, what is it let me say again
You can try copy like a slave to a trend
Nothing they can say and nothing they can do

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M, Marteria

Marteria - Verstrahlt Feat. Yasha

Tekst piosenki Marteria - Verstrahlt  Feat. Yasha po polsku
Ich will hier weg... weg...
Jeden Tag das Gleiche.
Der Punk in mir, versteckt hinter Nadelstreifen.
Der Tisch gedeckt, mit Porzellan aus Meißen.
Vater auf dem Königsstuhl und Mutter am Serviettenfalten.
Täglich ne Ewigkeit den Gehweg vom Schnee befreien,
die grüne Tapete beißt, der Sittich geht im Käfig ein.

T, The Strokes

The Strokes - Machu Picchu

Tekst piosenki The Strokes - Machu Picchu po polsku
Putting your patience to the test.
Putting your body on the line, for less.
Didn't you know there was a choice?
It's never yours but someone else's voice.

Selling your body to the street.
Selling your girlfriend's to the night, for cheap.
Wearing a jacket made of meat.

T, The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings - Hands

Tekst piosenki The Ting Tings - Hands po polsku
Two hands
I wanna play the piano with two hands
Should've learned
Two hands come in handy, it's the way of the world
Boy you're not being good to me
You gave me a piano with all 88 keys
But two hands
Whats a girl to do


A, Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee

Tekst piosenki Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee po polsku
This escapee was never gonna stay
On an unfamiliar building on the rooftop where we lay
Where all the constellations shine to pave the way
Temptation's not a word until we've let it go a stray
And I won't delete it
He won't delete it

Light bolts hover over you all day

A, All Mankind

All Mankind - Break The Spell

Tekst piosenki All Mankind - Break The Spell po polsku
In the long, hidden past
Was a world just like ours
Once beautiful, but every flower dies
In the soul of the men
Was a heart, brave and red
But cursed hearts can grow an ugly side

A, Alex Metric

Alex Metric - Open Your Eyes & Steve Angello

Tekst piosenki Alex Metric - Open Your Eyes  & Steve Angello po polsku
Open your eyes
I'm hoping you rise
Come so far out just to start
It don't matter how smart you are
The love that can't resolve
Is a love revealing

D, DJ Raff

DJ Raff - Latino & Proud

Tekst piosenki DJ Raff - Latino & Proud po polsku
Radio Havana Cuba...
Havana Cuba
Well... Yes
Todos los dias - vengan todos ustedes
Mis querido ramilletes
Ho-Ho-Ho-Hola amigos
Presentamos este programa
Blackened melody


CSS - Hits me like a rock & Bobby Gillespie

Tekst piosenki CSS - Hits me like a rock  & Bobby Gillespie po polsku
It's been so long I heard that song
It made me sweat when I sang along
And even after all this time we've passed by
It hits me like a rock
And I still don't know why
Take me on your motorcycle
Run with you through the hills
We don't care for what's wrong and what's not

T, Tittsworth & Alvin Risk

Tittsworth & Alvin Risk - La Campana feat. Maluca

Tekst piosenki Tittsworth & Alvin Risk - La Campana feat. Maluca po polsku
Misu e la loca
Loco la campaña
Muere lana papa
Me desa si (4x)


Misu e la loca


T, Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation - Stargazer

Tekst piosenki Thievery Corporation - Stargazer po polsku
[Repeat: x2]
Late at night I will stare up in the skies forever
Late at night I will stare up in the skies forever
Looking on more
Looking on more

Late at night I will stare up in the skies forever
Looking on more

L, Little Dragon

Little Dragon - Nightlight

Tekst piosenki Little Dragon - Nightlight po polsku
Open the door, there you're standing in a row
Dancing in a twisted blue form of light.. turning over
Making a sound, then your braiding it around
Turning in a twisted blue form of light.. moving your shoulders
one, two, you move, your feet, your shoes
Flying like a arrow in the room

Be my angel, love

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