T, The Kooks

The Kooks - Around Town

Tekst piosenki The Kooks - Around Town po polsku
If you get yourself in a fight
If that's the way you wanna live your life
You can get yourself connected
To the world that we are thrown to yeah

But all I need is somewhere to lay
Somewhere to lay my hat on
I need someone to love in the middle of the day

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C, Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Cocoon

Tekst piosenki Catfish and the Bottlemen - Cocoon po polsku
I fell straight into your arms
Like a drunk who's been on it
All morning, and the sun's up
And my head's ⊂⊃ed
And immediately I grabbed you
You go all red like the first time
I love it when you do that
Gotta love it when you do that

J, Joywave

Joywave - Tongues

Tekst piosenki Joywave - Tongues po polsku
Pick me up, Dust me off
Give me breath, And let me cough
Drag me back, Collect my thoughts
I've come back to the land i'd lost

The palms are down, I'm welcomed back to town
Sometimes i feel like they don't understand me
I Hear their mouths making foreign sounds

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E, Elliphant

Elliphant - All Or Nothing (feat. Bunji Garlin & Diplo)

Tekst piosenki Elliphant - All Or Nothing (feat. Bunji Garlin & Diplo) po polsku
[Verse 1 - Elliphant:]
See me sadness, when me love
Let me quire in me work
Feel me love and want me ⊂⊃
Pull me switch, drag me over
Know me hard when me soft
Know me scared when me talk tough
Go get them guts


A, A-Trak

A-Trak - Push feat. Andrew Wyatt

Tekst piosenki A-Trak - Push  feat. Andrew Wyatt po polsku
Let down, a light that ⊂⊃ers off in the basement
Let down, thonight i feel my courage breaking
I made a mess
Off easy stuff
I care to much
Don't care enough
I wrestle with my attitude
You're mad at me


E, Elliphant

Elliphant - Purple Light (feat. Doja Cat)

Tekst piosenki Elliphant - Purple Light  (feat. Doja Cat) po polsku
Reaching up, for the glass
Come on nah, fill it up
Been empty for some time, come on fill me up
Crack me up and rub a boo-nah, let it up
Burning, purple fire
Come on nah, answer right
Staying this, for a while
Suck a fingertips shut up now don't be shy

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