M, Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer-Crown Of Thorns

Tekst piosenki Mother Love Bone - Chloe Dancer-Crown Of Thorns po polsku
Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Chloe don't know better
Chloe's just like me, only beautiful
A couple of years difference (Her trouble lovin' is different?)
But those lessons never learn did you know?
Chloe danced the tables in the French Quarter
She's always been given so I can't always make her laugh
But I'm proud to say and I won't forget

T, Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hilton - You'll Ask For Me

Tekst piosenki Tyler Hilton - You'll Ask For Me po polsku
What was that about the ballroom dancing class I asked about
It's all I've thought about 'cause you were saying
We might get a chance to talk and talk might lead to dance
And maybe dance might lead to dates and dates to aging
Hope you let your intuition
Precede my reputation
'Cause I have one

T, Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hilton - Glad

Tekst piosenki Tyler Hilton - Glad po polsku
Everywhere you go, perfection
Follows you the wrong direction
And you will never see if for
You get all that you need and more
You see it, you want it
You find it, it's yours
But you can't say what you want or

L, La rocca

La rocca - Non believer

Tekst piosenki La rocca - Non believer po polsku
She belongs somewhere else, away from my side
so run with what you got, and chase with what you need
i believe the faithful fell, didn't know their way back
so far away from home, but brother we're not alone
and i promise to climb back up here to you
waiting for this message coming through
is it mine? is it mine?

T, The Honorary Title

The Honorary Title - Stay away

Tekst piosenki The Honorary Title - Stay away po polsku
Are you not the slightest bit confused?
Just the truth
The speed at which we move blends so well
It's too soon

Separate yourself from what compels you to relinquish us
Push your weight on to me entirely
Stay away from me, stay away from me now

T, The Wreckers

The Wreckers - Lay Me Down

Tekst piosenki The Wreckers - Lay Me Down po polsku
You let me in
'Cause after all
It seemed like the right thing to do
I closed my eyes
And let you fall
I wonder what you could possibly know
About breaking down that I don't

B, Butch Walker

Butch Walker - Mixtape

Tekst piosenki Butch Walker - Mixtape po polsku

You say hello, inside I'm screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind
I'm sleeping next to you
You drive away from my car crash of a heart
And I don't know
But you gave me the best mixtape I have

F, Forty Foot Echo

Forty Foot Echo - Drift

Tekst piosenki Forty Foot Echo - Drift po polsku
I remember when we fell,
It took my whole life my breath away.
I remember when we kissed
As you drift into the sun
(drift into the sun)

So take a ride now, you take a fall
And your weights so shallow

I, Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine - He lays in the reins

Tekst piosenki Iron & Wine - He lays in the reins po polsku
One more drink tonight as your gray stallion rests
Where he lays in the reins
For all of the speed and the strength he gave
One more kiss tonight from some tall stable girl
She’s like grace from the earth
When you’re all tuckered out and tame

D, Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait

Tekst piosenki Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait po polsku
The sky glows
I see it shining when my eyes close
I hear your warnings but we both know
I'm gonna look at it again
Don't wait, Don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
And suddenly, you're deep enough

T, Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Don't Confess

Tekst piosenki Tegan and Sara - Don't Confess po polsku
Don’t think I’ll confess.
Why would I confess that I...
Don’t think I’ll deny.
(Don't think i'll deny)
Why would I deny that I...
Don’t be so hard on yourself,
You won’t get better till you’re worse.
Yeah, you send a little smile my way.

G, Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes - Good Vibrations

Tekst piosenki Gym Class Heroes - Good Vibrations po polsku
I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air
I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me excitations
I'm pickin' up good vibrations

, ,

Pozostali, 22-20s

22-20s - Shoot Your Gun

Tekst piosenki 22-20s - Shoot Your Gun po polsku
Spin me some sad story
Sell me some excuse
To help me understand the things you do
'Cause the way you treat your lovers
Well, I just can't relate
Well, where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight?

Oh baby, won't you cry?

B, Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra - Overcome

Tekst piosenki Better Than Ezra - Overcome po polsku
North light comes uninvited
Through the window to where you lie
Disjointed, dust and silence
Quite at a loss

I feel strange
I feel changed
I feel strange

G, Get up kids

Get up kids - Overdue

Tekst piosenki Get up kids - Overdue po polsku
You're a few years overdue.
I spent them waiting here for you.
Now your charity's refused,
I can name a penance for abuse.
Twenty four years overdue,
what kind of role model are you?
Very least learn not to do,

N, Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic - Vila Rada

Tekst piosenki Nikola Sarcevic - Vila Rada po polsku
Someone told me that you are gone now
You took off to the other side
It's no one's fault no, you just made up your mind
How can I believe something like that?
How can I believe it's true?
I don't believe in much but I believe in you
If you're still alive
If you still haven't closed your eyes

O, Ohia

Ohia - Just Be SImple

Tekst piosenki Ohia - Just Be SImple po polsku
You never hear me talk about one day getting out
Why put a new address on the same old loneliness
Everybody knows where that is
We built that house of his
And when he's not home
Someone else you know always is
If Heaven's really coming back
I hope it has a heart attack

E, Emily Sparks

Emily Sparks - Just As Well

Tekst piosenki Emily Sparks - Just As Well po polsku
Strange how someone you once loved
Can become just another person you once knew
Under broken frames and years of dust
I fear all that’s left of us
Are sepia smiles and faded blue
But I’ll pick them up and blow them off
And think but never tell

T, Tom Freund

Tom Freund - Copper Moon

Tekst piosenki Tom Freund - Copper Moon po polsku
Just a slice of Copper Moon
Over the ocean, ocean blue
To hear my one and only tune
To strike a chord that brings me to you

There was a time when
The only trouble was deciding what trouble to get in
We'd go to town and get caught on a whim

H, Hathaway

Hathaway - There's Something Better

Tekst piosenki Hathaway - There's Something Better po polsku
If I screamed, would you come and wake me from this dream?
It can't go on forever to be safe.
I need someone to take my breath away.
I know there's something better.

If I cry for you, would you take away my tears?
If I reach out to you? Will it finally bring you here?
If I fall down on my knees? Would you hear my prayer and rescue me?

L, Leopold

Leopold - She said

Tekst piosenki Leopold - She said po polsku
If you're tired of being alone she said,
then find yourself a girl and take her to bed.
For a little pretty boy like you,
it shouldn't be the hardest thing to do.

It's funny how it always ends this way,
how I can never bring myself to say.
But honey if you're really being sincere,

L, Lucero

Lucero - Tell Me What It Takes

Tekst piosenki Lucero - Tell Me What It Takes po polsku

Cold, cold heart of mine
Just let it all die
Started again the next day
So easy it's so far away
More than betrayal and pain
Tell me what that takes
Tell me what it takes

J, Jenn Shepard

Jenn Shepard - Here Without You

Tekst piosenki Jenn Shepard - Here Without You po polsku
I never wanted you but your eyes are so cold
And the rain outside is comingo in
Just don't close your eyes
And forget that i'm here

Will i stay here without you
Will i stay this way
Will i stay here without you

C, Constantines

Constantines - Soon Enough

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Soon Enough po polsku
Years from now, they will make water from
The reservoirs of our idiot tempers
Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you
Through and through
Your gentleman father would pray for a daughter,
As he walked from room to room


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