I, Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - Passenger

Tekst piosenki Iggy Pop - Passenger po polsku
I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight
I am the passenger
I stay under glass


J, Judas Priest

Judas Priest - Breaking the law

Tekst piosenki Judas Priest - Breaking the law po polsku
There I was completely wasting,
out of work and down
all inside it’s so frustrating
as I drift from town to town
feel as though nobody cares if I live or die
so I might as well begin to put some action in my life

Breaking the law, breaking the law

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RUN-D.M.C. - It's Like That

Tekst piosenki RUN-D.M.C. - It's Like That po polsku
People in the world tryin to make ends meet
You try to ride car, train, bus, or feet
I said you got to work hard, you want to compete
It's like that, and that's the way it is
[Run & D.M.C. alternate lines for the remainder of the song]
Money is the key to end all your woes

M, Motorhead

Motorhead - Killed By Death

Tekst piosenki Motorhead - Killed By Death po polsku
If you squeeze my lizard
I'll put my snake on you
I'm a romantic adventure
And I'm a reptile too

But it don't make no difference
'cos I ain't gonna be, easy, easy

P, Public Enemy

Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype

Tekst piosenki Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype po polsku
Back-caught you lookin' for the same thing
It's a new thing-check out this I bring
Uh-oh the roll below the level
'Cause I'm livin' low
Next to the bass (c'mon)
Turn up the radio
They claim that I'm a criminal
By now I wonder how

R, Rick James

Rick James - Super Freak

Tekst piosenki Rick James - Super Freak po polsku
She's a very kinky girl
The kind you don't take home to mother
She will never let your spirits down
Once you get her off the street, ow girl
She likes the boys in the band
She says that I'm her all-time favorite
When I make my move to her room it's the right time

, ,

R, Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie - Let it all bleed out

Tekst piosenki Rob Zombie - Let it all bleed out po polsku
A rat on the scraps,
Jaws to the fossil,
Turn into conventional man, yeah!
(conventional man, yeah!) [x3]
Persistance of the system,

S, Shannon

Shannon - Let The Music Play

Tekst piosenki Shannon - Let The Music Play po polsku
We started dancing
And love put us into a groove
As soon as we started to move
The music played
While our bodies
Displayed through the dance

Then love picked us out for romance

M, Mala Rodriguez

Mala Rodriguez - La Niña

Tekst piosenki Mala Rodriguez - La Niña po polsku
Esta es la historia de una niña que vivía
en el barrio de la paz .
De ella se decía que quería vende droga
como su papá
Por ella nadie apostaba
su futuro se nublaba
y no había hecho mas

C, Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill - Dr. Dedoverde (Dr. Greenthumb)

Tekst piosenki Cypress Hill - Dr. Dedoverde (Dr. Greenthumb) po polsku
Hola me dicen Dedoverde (hola!)
Deja te explico de donde vine
En los montes donde crece la yerba
Practica doctor creciendo yesca
Aunque ahi estan los puercos no parare
Con conecta influencia yo seguire
Bendito sea Dios por el zacate

E, Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's groove

Tekst piosenki Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's groove po polsku
Let's groove tonight
Share the spice of life
Baby slice it right
We're gonna groove tonight
Let this groove, get you to move
It's alright, alright
Let this groove, set in your shoes

, , ,


RUN-D.M.C. - Sucker M.C.'s

Tekst piosenki RUN-D.M.C. - Sucker M.C.'s po polsku
Two years ago, a friend of mine
Asked me to say some MC rhymes
So I said this rhyme I'm about to say
The rhyme was Def a-then it went this way
Took a test to become an MC
And Orange Krush became amazed at me
So Larry put me inside, his Cad-illac
The chaffeur drove off and we never came back

P, Planet patrol

Planet patrol - Cheap Thrills

Tekst piosenki Planet patrol - Cheap Thrills po polsku
Cheap thrills mean nothing
If you have a broken heart
Cheap thrills mean nothing
They gonna tear your soul apart

I'll do anything on the dare
But I'd stop to smashing around if you showed you care
The smile that you see hides in tears and size

, , ,

D, Desmond Dekker

Desmond Dekker - It Mek

Tekst piosenki Desmond Dekker - It Mek po polsku
You think I never see you when you jump over the wall
You think I never see you when you accidently fall
Me said a it mek, mek you pop yu bitta gall
A it mek, while you accidently fall
A it mek, hear she crying of the ice water

I check you out and you're cold, girl
I dig you out and you're cold, girl

B, Britt Black

Britt Black - Night Time

Tekst piosenki Britt Black - Night Time po polsku
You always burn the town at night
You always run around
Blame it on the night time, for love
You've seen that cloak of darkness tonight
Put on that skimpy dress
Blame it on the night time, for love

Nobody ever knows your name

J, Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Beans for Breakfast

Tekst piosenki Johnny Cash - Beans for Breakfast po polsku
I couldn't hear you for the TV, I didn't know you said goodbye
I saw your cancelled check for the airfare, didn't know flyin' got too high
Beans for breakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.
I've run out of clean utensils, I'm a hungry nasty lonesome man
I heard the crows outside my window, guess it's me they're talkin' about
The fire you lit has burnt to cinders, every good things fizzled out
Beans for beakfast once again, hard to eat 'em from the can.

Pozostali, 20

20 - 20

Tekst piosenki 20 - 20 po polsku
One, two...
One, two, three, four...

Everybody's feeling groovy
Everybody's got tight pants on
Everybody's feels like they were
Just made by the Creator

C, Cameo

Cameo - She's Strange

Tekst piosenki Cameo - She's Strange po polsku
Ow, fine lady
I like the way she walks
I like the way she talks
she turns me on with a special concern

C, Control Machete

Control Machete - De perros amores

Tekst piosenki Control Machete - De perros amores po polsku
Suficientes son los problemas de un solo dia
como para preocuparse por el futuro

*Chorus A*

Olvidamos que para poder llegar al otro lado

B, Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru - Darkness

Tekst piosenki Black Uhuru - Darkness po polsku
Darkness, Seems to go by the world.
Darkness, Seems to go by the world.

What does it work to put yourself in a rumtown.
Who you told you to go obligation.
Get off my back, Babylon.
There's a pride in each & everyone's stage of life.
I must keep Jah work and trend it foundation.

T, Toots And The Maytals

Toots And The Maytals - Funky Kingston

Tekst piosenki Toots And The Maytals - Funky Kingston po polsku
Everybody, give it to me huh
Hey Hey Hey
I want you to believe every word I say
I want you to believe every thing I do
I said music is what I've got to give
and I've got to find some way to make it
Music is what I've got baby
I want you to come on and shake it

B, Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson - Dance Dance Dance

Tekst piosenki Beth Anderson - Dance Dance Dance po polsku
When you're tired of feeling down
And always staying at home alone
Come with me, gonna go downtown
We're gonna party all night long

Come on and Dance, Dance, Dance
Move to the music
Let your heart go free

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