N, Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire

Tekst piosenki Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire po polsku
Tú, que pierdes el control
hablando en alta voz
Hieres mi corazón
Yo, tratando de escuchar
No me puedo explicar
Qué extraña sensación.

Tú no me quieres entender

, ,

E, Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters - Outta Here

Tekst piosenki Esmee Denters - Outta Here po polsku
Get me outta here
Cause my eyes are burning
From these silly tears
That you brought when you show me you don’t really care
And you never loved me, someone get me outta this place
Right now

K, Katie Melua

Katie Melua - If the lights go out

Tekst piosenki Katie Melua - If the lights go out po polsku
They say the world must end somehow,
They say the end's not far from now;
I think they're wrong,
Don't worry your life away,
Start living for today,
Don't think about tomorrow.

And if the lights go out on all of us,


C, Cassie Steele

Cassie Steele - Summer Nights

Tekst piosenki Cassie Steele - Summer Nights po polsku
Hey Sally, pass the baggy
Let’s roll another fatty
On the beach smokin' trees
'Til we fall asleep
It’s getting cold, Sal’ let’s go
Roll onto the party
Grab a forty
Before we dance up on that shorty

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F, Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson - I Want You

Tekst piosenki Fefe Dobson - I Want You po polsku
I want you
When the sun comes up, I wana make you mine, I wanna make it count
I want you
I wanna take you home, I wana make it known, I wana take you on
I want you
Let me say it again, now let me say it again, now let me say it again
I want you
I want ya more than a friend

M, Madina Lake

Madina Lake - Let's Get Outta Here

Tekst piosenki Madina Lake - Let's Get Outta Here po polsku
This scene is divine
Enemies, they start surrounding me
Mostly in my head 'cause I swear
I've never been so depressed
I can't stand anyone here
I'm thinking, "let's just disappear,"
And we'll roll the dice on a beach-front tropical paradise.

S, Stefanie Heinzmann

Stefanie Heinzmann - No one

Tekst piosenki Stefanie Heinzmann - No one po polsku
Baby, why
you treat me so bad all the time
you're making me cry
and you must be out of your mind

No you don't like this and you don't like that
well I think that's just too bad, 'cause Baby I tried

E, Evan Taubenfeld

Evan Taubenfeld - Pumpkin Pie

Tekst piosenki Evan Taubenfeld - Pumpkin Pie po polsku
Yeah I was fine. just hanging out
I was living like a player in a west coast town, yeah.
I never thought that I would ever settle down.
Always one girl after the other
Didn’t wanna be her boyfriend
all I needed was her number, yeah.
Let me share a little bit of what I found.

T, The Friday Night Boys

The Friday Night Boys - Can't Take That Away

Tekst piosenki The Friday Night Boys - Can't Take That Away po polsku
Is easy
To say this
Is killing me
I'm sorry
You wasted
A thousand tears on me
But something

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